And Now, for something completely different… Outlook folder “speed dial”, or “Jump To Folder” Macro :)

So maybe this can be a little off topic on my “Business Intelligence” blog, but really BI it’s all about getting information… as fast and as simply as possible! So for me, it’s certainly related after all. Indulge me. :)

Maybe you use some “GTDish” mantra, maybe you just like to store your work/personal mail in proper folders, maybe you use a auto filling tool like the awesome Clear Context Add-In… maybe you use Microsoft CRM for Outlook… In the end you’ll have lots of folders, wasting lots of time to browse to the folder you’re looking for.

Enter an old, almost forgotten, friend: VBA, Forms & Outlook Extensibility! So with a lo…little copy paste from scripts I found, a little tweaking, almost none optimization… and that’s done. That was really the end of endless and frustrating outlook folder searching for me!

Just press alt-3, type the search words for the folder you’re looking and press enter. That simple! The search box is live, working as you type. Best of all, it’s free and with (average quality I’m afraid… :)  ) source code available.

Some Usage Examples

Looking for that folder???

Press alt-3 (note third button on the quick access tollbar), type what you’re looking for:

maybe it’s some Gmail folder..?

looking for spam???

or even some Microsoft CRM for Outlook folder?

So now press enter and it’s done!!

Other features & notes

  • Fast as needed on my laptop, with aprox. 800-900 (….) folders from Exchange Mailbox, local pst archives, gmail isapi and CRM Add-In folders.
  • First time is a little “slow” because it stores all folders available. If you need to refresh de folder cache press shift when activating the clickable menu option
  • It will select the folder on enter only when the search returns one item only, tweak the vba as you wish :)
  • Escape to Cancel
  • I’ve used keystate vba module (modKeyState) By Chip Pearson,


  • Download the files here
  • Activate the developer tab on Outlook
  • Enable macros on Outlook
  • Open VBA on developer tab and import the downloaded files (JumpToFolderForm, JumpToFolderStore,KeyState)
  • Add option to Ribbon using standard customize Ribbon option, ex (2010)
  • Test it
  • Need an hot key? Just add it also on quick access toolbar!





  • Now just press Alt-3 and you’re done!!

So that’s it for tonight. I must say that this feature was inspired by QuickJump for Windows (awesome tool, worth every $ I’ve paid) and like a good companion to ClearContext for Outlook.

Comming soon (on this blog):

  • Are you doing Business Intelligence, or only “Data Intelligence”, what’s the difference and why it matters??? (aka rant on the rather strange “consensual” adoption of the “business intelligence” term)
  • and some others… :)

Note: “soon” is a rather “overrated” term I’m afraid ;)

Best regards,



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3 Responses to And Now, for something completely different… Outlook folder “speed dial”, or “Jump To Folder” Macro :)

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  3. AbuAhmed says:

    While it jumps to the selected folder it does NOT select the folder in the treeview pane which is very useful as typically I want to navigate to other sibling folders. I made toolbar shortcuts to my common psts using something like:

    jumpform.SelectFolderByName (“\\folder\folder\folder”)

    but really would like the treeview to sync as well. Thank you.

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