Nasty Excel 2010 Pivot Chart Filters “on mouse over” “Feature”….or ”bug"..?

From some customers usage & feedback of SmartPivot I thought this would be something interesting to share, specially as its not a SmartPivot bug. :)

In fact, its a little annoying issue with the new pivot chart filter zone in office 2010.

In office 2010 pivot charts you get direct access to the underlying pivot source filters (filters, columns, rows), witch is really a great feature for building dashboards with PowerPivot or SmartPivot.

The problem is that it’s very “sensitive”, as soon as you mouse over the filter buttons on the chart, the pivot fields editor changes to that pivot chart context. Confusing when you’re changing top level filters and moving around the screen with your mouse, while you try to set up & finish up some pivot chart layouts.

Example: (as soon as you mouse over the pivot chart filters in yellow, the field editor changes context! )

Its very easy to miss this subtle change and change the wrong chart after that.



Bug or feature? :) Either way, what I can say is that’s *really*  annoying in these scenarios.

A quick workaround is to disable the filter zones if you won’t need them any more (you can always enable them again later):






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