Dashboards in Excel with SmartPivot, New Version & Some Improvements

(update: version 2.0 of SmartPivot – a much improved version- has just been published, read it here)

We finally got the time to get a new (minor) build of SmartPivot available. We tackled some of the requests we received in the last few weeks.  See below for the release notes.


Improvement: Connected charts can now have specific filter configuration

Some charts may require specific filters, like one chart filter to a product category, and another chart to another product category. Previously any filter not present on the main filter was removed. Now they remain and can enable new dashboard scenarios.

(example, channel filter defined only on the charts left below)



Improvement: Synchronized filters can now be on rows or columns, they don’t reset to filter zone anymore.

Chart filters can now be on rows or columns, maintaining full sync functionality with main pivot filters, making it easy using them directly for chart rows /columns visualization grouping.



Table Report Minor Performance Improvements


Some new tweaks on this beta feature were made, improving performance in some specific scenarios.



That’s it! We’re checking out some other tips & new features feedback. Lets see were can we take it. Feel free to post your comments!






About Rui Quintino
Developer & Software Architect @ DevScope

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