Kindle eBooks as a great Learning/Self Development platform

Almost a year now since I got my first Kindle. :) Being a somehow frenetic reader way before ebooks, and although I still like to read “regular” books, I must confess that when it comes to learning&self development, ebooks & kindle are hard to beat!

Why is that? Well… lots of reasons, but for now I’ll focus on the  highlights & notes feature. It’s amazing as it allows you to really extract so much more value from ebooks & reading in general. Curious thing, I had never been an “highlighter”… and always left my books in a pure & “pristine” state.

So for the basics, you highlight & add notes on any kindle reader (I prefer the real Kindle to do this , although I sometimes use the free mobile reader, as I’m always switching between them both).

You can then return to the ebook, on any reader (mobile, cloud,etc) and see all the hightlights & notes you’ve made. It all syncs to your amazon kindle profile, so you also have a great backup.


photo (13)

Kindle Mobile Reader – Book Highlights


photo (8)

Kindle Cloud Reader – Book Highlights



You can also review all your notes & highlights directly on the Kindle device, selecting  the My Clippings book (you can see it like a dynamic ebook on your device, collecting all you highlights & notes).


My Clippings on Kindle Device

There’s also a .txt file available with the content if you connect the kindle to the desktop with usb.

But there’s a minor catch here, the “My Clippings file only saves the highlights you do on that specific kindle device. If you highlight on the android/iphone the notes won’t make it to the file. That can be annoying, specially when you switch kindle devices.

Anyway, there’s much more to that. All your highlights are also available online at your kindle profile page here. Like this:

imageKindle Home Page

From there you can go to any book and recover your highlights&notes, and also share them publicly.




In one page you can see all you highlights & notes. A great starting point for building a quick personal  ebook. ;)



with a little copy & paste, and minor editing you can get a pretty good ebook with all you preferred content, like this one wich contais all my notes, ever!:




I even created a table of contents with one chapter for each book I’ve read. For periodic & quick recaps that’s amazing.


Amazon also got it right that we often buy books for learning & changing, not just reading, and there’s a specific feature that helps you to review & remember  your books highlights, its called the daily review. It will cycle trough all your finished books, periodically, and show all your highlights, one at a time.


The daily review

You can also check other books highlights & posts… (Ferriss “on fire”, as always! :) )




And follow some interesting fellows :)



BTW, don’t miss this week free books. Just create your account and buy them “free” . :) Then, read them on free cloud/mobile readers. You don’t need to have a Kindle!



So, that’s it for now, keep reading, and learning! :)




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  1. Hey,
    good points. I love your way of explaining

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