New release of #SmartPivot for Excel up and running, With a bonus PivotViewer visualization option included!

Yes, we’ve just finished publishing a new version of our OLAP/Cubes accelerator Add-On for Excel (and yes, still with a Free version!), with major improvements (I hope! :) ). 

image image image imageimage

Let me introduce me some of the new features. Actually I’ll probably need another few posts for all of them, just keep tuned in.

By the way, the download is available here. Please note that you’ll need to request a free activation key before using any feature, the dialogs on the Excel will guide on this. Any problem please tell me.

Some of the features (dashboards features & filter synchronization) are targeted for a full featured licensing, but there are a lot of useful features on the free version!


…Starting with New PivotViewer exploration for Excel tables!

PivotViewer for anyone! That was about time! Yes,  there’s a new PivotViewer exploration option for any excel base table. If you’ve seen my post on kindle book savings  a few weeks ago you probably already know what this option will allow you to do. You’ll need SilverLight 5.0 for this and an Excel table , and the click of a button!

(for example, my book stats table I “extracted” from amazon …)


Just select SmartPivot> Explore with PivotViewer, and that’s it, instant PivotViewer visualization:


It can switch between image style cards or numeric field based ranking colors boxes, ex: Red (lower) to Green (Higher). 

Yes, we are strong believers that we can make use of this in a much more data intelligence/business intelligence context, even without images, so we’ve worked out this scenario. And that’s why its available through SmartPivot. What do you think?

(ordering on the coloring field shows it better I think)


Zoom it a little bit and you’ll get the item details:


And if you have a field that points to an image, just switch to image based card (the classic PivotVewer style):


BTW: Nice feature of PivotViewer is that it does automatic drill down on date values!

Ex. Date column on Excel


Proper date filters & drill down actions!


Click the year… then month…auto drill-down!image


In the next post, I’ll showcase the more classic olap/cube related features:


Hope you find the features useful. Tell us what you think!






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