#SmartPivot new beta release with #SSAS and #PowerPivot instant text search, now supports #Excel2013

We’ve just finished publishing a new beta release for SmartPivot, our addin for Excel OLAP cubes (and now also PowerPivot/Excel 2013 Data Models).

You can download it here. Give it a try, just remember it’s a beta release, use it for testing purposes only! :)  It would be great to get feedback on the new features, particularly the “fast full text search” over Cubes/PowerPivot.

Now, onto the new stuff!

A new instant Search *beta* feature, for both OLAP cubes and PowerPivot Models

This is probably the main new feature for this release. We hope that this can take Excel olap/ppivot pivot tables usage to a whole new usability level. But tell us what you think.

We are still working on some issues with the feature, but we hope it’s stable enough on the beta , allowing for “crowdsourcing” the final adjustments. :)

It’s rather self –explanatory, just select a pivot and click search…


On the first run for a cube/ppivot, wait a few moments for SmartPivot to read/cache all dimension data (at the moment it will do this automatically only for PowerPivot models or local SSAS connections).

And you’ll be able to search both data (member) and metadata (measures/hierarchies) with instant search results:



This makes exploring the data much easier for end users, as they usually know the data very well (but not always the cube concepts of measures, dimensions, attributes and others).  They can start their own model discovery.


Can we hope in a near future that a feature like this would  be pervasive in every frontend and handled internally by the ssas/powerpivot engines? ;) (good note to post on the ssas team equest for feedback survey) But until that’s available we hope this SmartPivot feature can help a little bit. :)


And it now supports Excel 2007/2010/2013 and PowerPivot


Excel 2013


Excel 2010


PowerPivot 2013 (my kindle book stats model)


PowerPivot 2010 (the “Understanding the US debt” Book excel sample )companion)



Dev Tools

Not finished yet, but you can already explore the SSAS rowsets available when working with Cubes/Ppivot models, useful for troubleshooting and advanced models discovery




Other small improvements in this release

  • Cell Value from Table Reports –You can now start a table report from a cell value (see a previous post here), like you would do with the Detail By option, but it allows you to build a table report for that specific context.
  • Duplicate pivot option– just an handy tiny feature  to save a few clicks
  • Auto update notification

Now, we just need you feedback! Download it and tell us what you think.




About Rui Quintino
Developer & Software Architect @ DevScope

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