SmartPivot new build, release notes

Just finished publishing, download here as usual. Not a major release for now, more to come soon… not until #sqlsaturday 188 here in Portugal I’m afraid! :)

As for changes in this release, 2.33:


No need to request activation keys for free features, just install & use. (free activation key will still be needed only for testing full features, can’t change that, sorry!)

Bug fix when building the search cache for large hierarchies, now works with large hierarchies for levels up to 100.000 members. previously it would skip the entire hierarchy, not good (sorry about that…).

You can now connect directly using the search option, you will be asked for a connection using quick connect and the search pane will open instantly after that. fast!

Filter by list now works with specific member names including characters like ‘.

Search & parent child hierarchies bug fixes and other fast search performance improvements.

And finally got that tooltips filled in the ribbon! :)


(as for the future, following pivotviewer, cubes/powerpivot fast search I wonder if we can help with global saved sets/clusters… been getting interesting feedback on this, 2013 named sets are almost useless I’m afraid to say, let’s see…)

So now, sqlsat mode=on, clickpivot=on… ;)

Take care!



About Rui Quintino
Developer & Software Architect @ DevScope

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