Join me on #SqlSatPortugal next saturday for #MSBI #powerpivot #powerview … “with a twist”

Hope to see you all this Saturday at the #188 SqlSat Portugal event. It will be an amazing event! Amazing speakers, amazing schedule & content.

I’ll be talking about my passion for data (and lack of time! :) ) right at 9am with a session titled  “Faster than the speed of light”… with #MSBI”


What will we be focusing on this session? Data, big data, small data, lots of data, *real* self-service bi. Trying to get data insights quicker with the help of Excel PowerView, PowerPivot, Data Explorer… and a few other addons :)  Will it work…? really hope so!


And I would bet that not every SqlSat events gets to show a new Excel Addin ;) Can’t say more, you’ll have to attend the session. (and I’ll have to get this damn thing working…)

What are you waiting for?


Take care!



About Rui Quintino
Developer & Software Architect @ DevScope

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