SmartPivot new build – now with Saved/Quick Pivot filters and Filter by List improvements

Fresh new build for SmartPivot users, download here as usual. This version features:

  •  Improvements on Filter by List feature (interestingly one of the features mostly mentioned by users)
  • And (finally!) a new Saved/Quick filters feature. :)

New Quick/Saved Filters feature

This feature allows saving filter selections on the pivot for later use on other pivots targeting identical hierarchies. The saved/quick filters are persisted locally in user profile configuration, so that you can always refer to them very quickly.


Ex: filter your pivot as usual, or through SmartPivot fast search




Now, pick the Quick/Saved Filters option to save your filter:





Select your Pivot field and Save Current Filters option:


Now just create any other connection to the same cube, and use the quick/saved filters to apply the exact same selection as before.

(as most features in SmartPivot you can fast search saved filters )


double click and your previous selection is now filtering the new pivot:


Improvements in Filter By List

Filter by list feature now works as a task pane (expect most of SmartPivot dialogs to be migrated to task panes as they allow for better usability).

Improvements in this release:

  • Available as an Excel Task Pane
  • Pick values from range
  • Filter by member names or member keys


Other improvements

Fixed an issue with table reports and orphaned calculated measures (undefined measure groups)

Wrapping up

Download SmartPivot through the product page here.


Take care,



About Rui Quintino
Developer & Software Architect @ DevScope

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