How to save 3000$ in ebooks :) ? Don’t have a kindle yet? Well…you should get one (…not necessarily buy one :) )

Yes, I bet the title caught your attention right on. :) Well, anyway I thought today was a good time to recap that you can get all sorts of interesting ebooks from amazon, for free. Yes, I would also say that an actual Kindle device is a great tool IMO, but you have also the kindle free apps from amazon: ipad, iphone, cloud reader, pc, android… You just need and amazon account to get started.

btw, Please be advised that I am an enthusiastic amazon fan & customer. I do have a kindle keyboard, And, Yes, I regularly buy ebooks!

I actually find it difficult to have a good reason for not starting your own digital library right now…

Currently there is some kind of market place visibility war going on… authors & publishers need better rankings, visibility, one of the fastest ways to do that is to promo the books regularly… so regularly we monitor (thanks powershell, iftt & alerbox). :)

A few days ago I finally set up some powershell & ie automation to be able to compare all my orders (free and not free ones), with current prices and some other book information.

The results are interesting… (even taking into account that several of these books are clearly over priced… ) Got the results into Excel, and I was pleased to see, that at least, my book addiction didn’t reach my wallet! :)

Another side note, I usually follow only two/Three kindle categories, so this is just a small glimpse of the free content regularly available.


Hoping that I didn’t mess anything up (and always remembering that data, like perception, is not reality!), but I double checked several items. Bet it’s at least approximate.

Off course Excel is a great tool for the stats but I couldn’t resist to get this data on a small tool I’m using for quick dataset analysis & visualization (based on ms pivotviewer). Maybe we can get this published through SmartPivot, how knows? :)

So, Right click my scrapped CSV where I collected order prices, current prices, stars, reviews, & book covers…



And we get a much more expressive & interactive view of my digital library:


Slice & dice, or kind of  :)


Zoom it!


Detail it:


Unfortunately time to read is much harder to get these days, so most of this content still waits on my beloved kindle. But I can also say that I’ve read amazing books (at the time free), just a glimpse:

Critical Thinking Strategies for Success (Collection)

Do the Right Thing

Wired to Care: How Companies Prosper When They Create Widespread Empathy



Final note, crossing my fingers that this won’t be the post that shuts the free content down! :)

By the way, this week pick. Bet it will last to next Monday only. ;)




Now, go grab some reading! :)